Hiya Beauties!

Easy. Vegan. Austin.

Originally I wanted to be “easybeingvegan” but that domain was taken on this site.

I currently reside in Austin, Texas and of that I am proud. I haven’t been many places but from what I’ve observed Austin is the shit. Very “eco-friendly” which makes being a vegan here so easy. Thus how the alternate name came about.

A big thing for me currently is currency. I live alone with my cat, Hitibu (hit-ee-boo) I work full time and go to school part time. I don’t have my own transportation but I’ve got people that love me and tons of resources.

Ahem.. which is what I want to be. Now, as a young, bi-racial, independent, conscious, woman, also broke, I want to show you that being vegan is possible. It can be fun and tasty and most importantly cheap and easy!

I will begin blogging my own person meals, routines and such. Eventually once I become mobile, I will intrude on my sister and her four bitties and show them ways as a family that it can be cheap and easy to be vegan or just healthy in general.

My goal is to give the best possible information to those that feel its impossible to live a vegan lifestyle.

I am not here to veggie beat you (play on bible beat). You don’t agree with me, we can discuss why. I will never try to change you. I can only give you the knowledge I possess, IF you want it, what you do with it after that is up to you.

I wish you peace love and happiness.

SN: this blog also includes, anti animal cruelty posts, yoga videos and photos, chakra, moon and talk about the Divine.